Posted 3 months ago

Why do I stay

I don’t even feel like it’s there anymore. I don’t even know what I’m holding onto…are we even friends, or are we just people who saw each other 5 days a week in highschool. It’s like we only tolerated each other ever since high school finished. I just need a sign to tell me whether I should stay or go…I want to know if this is all really worth it.

I know some people are gonna be in your lives for a reason, and some for just a season, but how do I know who are the ones that are there for a reason? I need some help.

Posted 3 months ago

Just tell me

Just tell me if you got some shit going on, don’t be making up bullshit trying to cover up lies and everything. I’m so sick of your shit. Even though I told myself I wouldn’t, why do I still give you the power to just destroy me over and over again, hoping that you wouldn’t. Oh my gosh, I’m just so stupid.

Posted 4 months ago

Well shit, sorry for trying, lol.

Posted 4 months ago

Should learn to stop being annoying

Gotta stop wanting to talk to people, especially around this time of the year, lololol .

Posted 4 months ago

Got something right

The student I’m tutoring for chem got her first SAC back and she scored 3rd highest in the class. Yeah, I take full credibility and shit LOL jokes jokes. But it was cool to see her do well, but her thanking me for it was another thing…I don’t know if it was actually me who helped her get that score or just herself. Still, good to see her happy about it.

Posted 4 months ago

Where did my life go

Since when did you uni get this stressful? Trying to keep my shit together without giving up on all the others things which are important to me, shit’s hard to do. But I just gotta keep grinding, keep trying, push I guess. Hoping my big break comes soon.

Posted 5 months ago

My Favourite Cars

To be honest, I didn’t really think much about what kind of car I would be driving until I actually got my Ps. Now, I’ve really set aside a lot of my other passions and put my focus towards nice cars. After a bit of looking around and talking with some of my mates, I thought “hey, why not make a list so you know what you’d like”. So here is my list:

1. Lexus LFA

Fucking let’s be honest, I don’t think any of us will see this car around Australia anytime soon. But damn, I would do anything to get my hands on it; just too beautiful. And to be fair, even though I hadn’t been too into cars during my childhood, the one car I did look at was the LFA so it’s also a childhood thing for me.

2. Audi R8

Maybe when I’m filthy rich I’ll get this, lolololol. This is also kind of a childhood thing but I’d never think that I’d want it haha. The blades on the side give it a really nice touch. Maybe if it was a bit more angular it’d be more appealing to me, but the way it is now, still sexy as fuck.

3. BMW i8

I know this is such a bullshit car, like it will never ever be sold in Australia. Although I’ll still be loving it when I’m older I can tell. That carbon fibre exterior just makes it look so much more like a sports car and the best thing is that it runs on electricity so I wouldn’t be such a contributor to global warming (if I owned this car)!

4. Nissan GTR R35

Yeah, if I wouldn’t be able to drive any of those sexy, beautiful cars that all cost more than my house, I’d be driving this one. I saw it around in glen before and I was just like “wow, omg I’ve never been so aroused by a car”. To be honest, I’d take this car out everyday of the week if I owned it and I’d care for it like a son.

5. Nissan 370z

Yeah, another Nissan but let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be mad if you were able to drive one of these. I’m cool with it being just two door, cause I don’t really drive that many people around anyway haha. I don’t think anyone who was carpooling with you would mind being seen in this car either, y’know?

6. Audi TT RS Coupe

Yeah, just another sexy looking car. I’ve seen it around before while I was at 1000 steps LOL. But yeah, my cousin was considering getting this too but instead he got himself a BMW 435i, which is still nice. If any of you guys got me this car (or any of the above cars even) I’ll love you forever and ever and I wouldn’t drive another car for the rest of my life.

Posted 5 months ago

Getting a bit obvious

Yeah, you’re definitely taking me for granted. Was hoping and praying that I’d actually find a heart in you, but I suppose everything has to be about you huh? I certainly need to stop treating you like family, you shouldn’t even know me to be honest.

Posted 5 months ago

Stay the fuck away from me


There is no way that I’m gonna let, of all people, you make me feel all confused and depressed. To be honest, we should’ve stopped talking after high school, so why are you still here?

Fuck, I actually hate you so much right now. Just stay out of my life, please it’s not that hard.

Posted 6 months ago

It’s more than just the course

I don’t really like BOH not just cause the course is challenging and boring, but the people there (just a minority) aren’t so amazing either tbh. I got one person who honestly thinks I consider him a friend regardless of the shit he says that makes me feel less than I already am, but there’s probably a lot of shit that’s wrong with him too. I got another person who’s so insensitive and honestly finds something that pisses people off and makes jokes about it. He’s not even trying to make a joke about it, it’s like he’s just genuinely trying to piss you off.

I’m kinda hoping and praying for any of these to happen right now:

  • The uni tells me I’m being punk’d and in actually fact the people in my course are actually nice people
  • I join the defensive force and use my gun to shoot the coordinator
  • I get drafted by the NBA so I can bounce of this wasteland that proclaims to be the nation’s top dental school
  • I lose my life (by any means except suicide; I made a promise to my best friend that I wouldn’t attempt suicide, but I wouldn’t be mad if I died any other way)