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It’s more than just the course

I don’t really like BOH not just cause the course is challenging and boring, but the people there (just a minority) aren’t so amazing either tbh. I got one person who honestly thinks I consider him a friend regardless of the shit he says that makes me feel less than I already am, but there’s probably a lot of shit that’s wrong with him too. I got another person who’s so insensitive and honestly finds something that pisses people off and makes jokes about it. He’s not even trying to make a joke about it, it’s like he’s just genuinely trying to piss you off.

I’m kinda hoping and praying for any of these to happen right now:

  • The uni tells me I’m being punk’d and in actually fact the people in my course are actually nice people
  • I join the defensive force and use my gun to shoot the coordinator
  • I get drafted by the NBA so I can bounce of this wasteland that proclaims to be the nation’s top dental school
  • I lose my life (by any means except suicide; I made a promise to my best friend that I wouldn’t attempt suicide, but I wouldn’t be mad if I died any other way)
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Sooooooooo fucking ready to drop out of uni right now

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Good to relax again

For one day, I had no classes and did not have to attend uni. So what did I do for the day? I went to uni … lolol. Not my uni though, I went to Monash where most of my mates went to; I just wanted to see some of my high school friends again.

So I was at the library ready to study, then I realised I messaged Crystal telling her I was at Monash and she replied asking me to go and meet her, so I ended up staying at the library for say …. 10 minutes or so haha. Did not know where the hell Menzies lawn was and pretty much got lost. Bumped into my cousin which I haven’t properly talked to in like … years tbh (we’re talking before I even went to JMSS). But yeah, she told me I’ve changed so much, not sure if it was a compliment or an insult lol. But yeah, thankfully she was a student there so she lead me Menzies lawn and so I met up with Crystal.

Just bought her some boost and all, since it still feels like I owe her for something which I have yet to find out. Ended up meeting with some more JMSS students (Sam, Derek, Danica) so we just had a walk and then chilled on the lawn. Was a good talk, just chill and nothing too serious. Although … I’ve never seen Derek so mad like he was today, but it was good to see him release his anger and what not, lolol.

Um….yeah Crystal had to bounce to a study group down at Law so I just went with her to give her some company on the way there. Came back, and just talked for a bit more until we all had to go. I went to JMSS to go visit my cousin, and yeah I just helped her and Jaeha with some work I guess

I’d say it was definitely worth the time to go and meet up with some old friends again. Man, if I did gap year I’d go see them everyday haha

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Just watch

You’re really starting to piss me off now. By the looks of it, it sure seems like you’ve gotten more than comfortable enough to be using me at the most convenient times. I already told you, I’m not afraid to hurt you. As much as I care about you…I’m just as selfish as well to not let someone use me like you do. By all means, try and talk to me for the next couple of weeks…I’d love to see how much more grateful you’d be when people stop doing your dirty work.

P.S: To be honest, I never wanted myself to become a person where I try to get back at people…but after god knows how many years of pain and suffering from being too considerate as some may call it, yeah I don’t wanna get hurt, not again.

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New goal

Okay, my new goal is to be able to get better at piano and maybe one day play Morning Light without any music sheets (cause I’m too poor to buy them, lol). Hopefully I’ll be able to do it ! I also need to get back to balling, missing the game of basketball.

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Week 2: nope

So yeah, basically I finished my second week of university. Let me tell you something…I’d recommend that no one goes to university at all. Like who was the idiot that told me uni is so much easier compared to high school (then again, I’m an idiot for believing it) but oh my goodness, I’ve never stressed so hard in my life. Like the bar has definitely been raised up to the Eureka skydeck or something. 

If only I was smart and actually didn’t struggle with life, lol. But yes, to the people out there…do not, I repeat, DO NOT attend university. You will be setting yourself up for what society likes to call ‘a pathway to a bigger and brighter future’ or what I’d like to call ‘hell’ but you know, it’s your choice of course.

Also…I guess I was right for once when I said that I would miss high school friends more than anything in the world right now. University is just too different for me, like holy crap…the delivery of information, the facilities and more importantly the people. Why couldn’t we dedicate a university to JMSS students or something, that way I’d never hate university as much as I do now, lolololol 

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ben u r so gr9
Anonymous asked

thx m9 !

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Already in debt

Like damn, I just realised how expensive university is as a whole. Just looking at my school fees, I’m almost $9,000 behind and times that by another say 3 years, given I don’t repeat anything, I’ll be roughly $27,000 in debt for my university fees…nah fuck that shit lolol. I don’t even think I’ll be making that much in my lifetime to be honest.

Like since when did college get so expensive though? Shit costs as much as private high-school fees, haha. But yeah, I’m still bummed out that I can potentially get broke from this, if I don’t continue my course or don’t get a job that this degree was meant to get me. I am questioning so much shit right now but seriously, I know cousins and mates who’ve stopped and even graduated from university to end up working in a place that pays like less than $15 per hour. And now these people are working a lot of their lifetime to just pay off the stupid student-loans which didn’t even get them their dream job or anything.

Education system these days are getting pretty stupid, not just here in Australia…I’m talking like globally how bad the education system is (exceptions to Singapore, Korea and Finland; you’re all doing it right). Like ever since this student-loan system came about, universities just boosted up their annual fees and who knows what they’re even spending it on. And what’s worst, people with actual intentions of becoming a profession in a particular field become broke just because they chose to go to university.

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I am kind of done with uni already.


I haven’t even had a full day yet.

yep. could not agree more.

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